La Mesa-Spring Valley School Board



         During my many years of volunteering and involvement within the La Mesa-Spring Valley School District including        while serving as a member of the School Board, I have formulated several principles to guide my actions and decisions.  These include:

                 -  What is best for children should drive all the decisions we make.

                 -  Act with integrity, transparency, respect, and with an open mind that recognizes individual

                    differences and community diversity.

                 -  Adopt a fiscally responsible district budget that supports appropriate, innovative, and effective educational

                    opportunities and programs.  A responsible budget should provide for the unexpected down-times, as well

                    the good times.

                 -  Boost the effectiveness of certificated teachers and classified district staff through support, recognition,

                    respect, and genuine interest from the School Board level.


                 -  Encourage parent awareness, engagement, and involvement since parents represent the primary

                    providers and advocates for their children.

                 -  Seek out, engage, and collaborate with ALL stakeholders of the school District - staff, parents, local

                    community - to build a cohesive, inspiring, and successful educational system for La Mesa-Spring

                    Valley children.

          As community leaders on the School Board, we have the responsibility to provide our students, teachers and

          support staff with a safe, stimulating, challenging, and appropriate school environment.  This environment must

          offer outstanding educational and developmental opportunities to all the children that live within the very

          diverse neighborhoods of our school district.  In collaboration with parents, the ultimate goal must be to make

          these opportunities available to allow our students to build a solid educational foundation leading to personal

          development, sound character, and ultimately a productive, rewarding, and successful life.

                              "Kids are our future . . . . only they don't know it yet"   (author unknown)

           I believe we have the educational professionals - teachers, district administration and dedicated support staff -

           with the drive and commitment to mold this great school district into an even finer one for our community.

          Not long ago, I was honored to have represented our community while serving as a member of the

          La Mesa-Spring Valley School Board.  It would be a privilege to serve you once again.  

          Thank you for your support. 

Jerry receiving the ROSE Award (Recognized for Outstanding Service to Education)  in 2007.  (l to r):  Dennis Munden, Principal of

La Mesa Middle School; daughter Kelly;

wife LIsa, Jerry, son Alex; Brian Marshall, Superintendent of the La Mesa-Spring Valley School District

As a member of the LMSV school board , Jerry (right) welcomes students and parents to the 1st day of school at the

La Mesa Arts Academy

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